Wednesday, June 29, 2005


The webcomic is beggining to take shape. For a preview visit

Monday, June 27, 2005


I have just got a suit for the sixth form ball this saturday. OMG the sixth form ball is this saturday.

[LB hides under table]

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Road Trip - Visiting Universities

I have had a very busy weekend driving around the North of England. I had intended to come home yesterday, but got distracted! I am so tired.

Anyway, having returned from Reading on Friday afternoon, I set off almost immediatly for the Leeds Open Day Saturday. That was followed by Durham, and the Lancaster. I intend to write about all four shortly (ie when I am not too tired and have done all my homework).

One important lesson learnt this weekend is never (ever) to sleep by a motorway in hot weather.

Unfortunately I missed most of the Murray game but managed to catch the fourth set, which was quite exciting. I look forward to seeing Murray play next year.....

[must remember not to blog when tired cos i talk rubbish]

Friday, June 24, 2005

University visit Numero Uno

Just got back from reading. Nackered. Off to leeds in about an hour. back late tomorrow.

hopefully I'll write up both of them on sunday, energy permitting.

So tired.........

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Artist Wanted

[Yes, I posted this on ouch!, so what?]

As you may know I am a bit of a webcomic freak, and due to the complete lack of webcomics about crips (please enlighten me if I'm wrong), have decided to write my own.

I have ideas for characters and quite a few plot lines, but due to my disability (CP), I cannot draw to save my life.

I am looking for an artist would be willing to work with me to publish a comic on a MWF basis or similar, and would enjoy drawing about late teenage/student crips and non crips. The main themes I would like to write about are relationships (or lack of), Geek stuff, music, and discrimination (I am of course fairly un pc, so anti-crip jokes may be common).

For examples of cool webcomics, google Real Life Comic, Mac Hall, Questionable Content or Built for Comfort.

Please email me if you're interested.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

No more exams! w00t!

I have finally finished! No more exams for 50 weeks...

That last exam was truely awful.

Still, I can relax now. B-)

Monday, June 20, 2005

My Exam Papers must scare Examiners

I've just finished my maths exam (w00t)!

I always wonder what my examiners think when they read the slip of paper saying I use a scribe. In this latest paper the marker will find a page of my own scribblings in between the pages of my scribe's neat handwriting. This occured because I got fed up of dictating rough workings. So, the marker will inevitably ask:

"Why does an A grade A level maths student have the writing of a two year old?"

And no one (I mean no one) other than me can read my handwriting.

It is still too HOT!

I wore sandles today which was stupid because I can't cycle in sandles.

Sunday, June 19, 2005


Man, I hate being shaved.

Why is it still Fscking HOT!

I am meant to be revising for my maths exam tomorrow but it is too hot.

I am meant to be Emailing Cambridege Warwick and Exeter Unis but it is too hot.

I am meant to be doing homework but it is too hot.

I am meant to be tidying my room but it is too hot.

I am meant to be doing websites for two clients but it is too hot.

I am meant to be doing my own website but it is too hot.

I must go drink now.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

University open days

On the subject of Open Days, it's rather infuriating all the extra work I have to do emailing ahead about accesability and arranging to meet the various Disability Advisor people. and I have to go to Leeds twice because the disability people AREN'T THERE ON THE OPEN DAY. I would rant but it's too hot.

AB teenagers don't realise how much of a dos they have compared with me.

Idle natter

Today was way too hot. Like ridiculous. So I've done bugger all all day sides from half an hour maths revision (tops) and a trip to Oxfam to buy a suit for the sixth form ball next fortnight. Oh yes, I was also almost run over by a driver not looking where he was going. I think seeing a seventeen year old riding a bike with stabalisers shocked him a bit so he didn't apolagise. I've spent most of the day reading blogs, New Scientist and the totally fantastic QC.

Anyway I will try and write some more relevant posts soon in an attemp to live up to my badly chosen name. I should probably change it to "The endless ramblings of a hopeless teenager". Anyway [my most overly used word] what with uni open days coming up and then the Ball, I should have enough to rant about!

Friday, June 17, 2005

Life is good!

I don't know why but I love that phrase. Life is pretty good right now: the weather's good, my lessons are easy, I've been hanging out with lots of cool people and me and few others are about to start organising a second "Acoustic Aid".

In March we organised an acoustic rock concert in school to raise money for a Bolivian charity called Arco Iris and raised over £300 (w00t). Hopefully we'll raise more money this time... Anyway organising events such as visit is SOO fun, despite all the hard work.

This summer is going to be really busy for me, but should be good fun.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Two of my friends have tickets for Live 8.

I am deppressed :(

More on Blogs

It is incredible just how many crips blog! I have made a list of my favourites. I hope I haven't missed off the one crip who's realised that the answer to all our problems is in fact to get out and about rather than to just sit around blogging and reading blogs.

I really do have a problem now as every day I feel a need to read Slashdot, the Ouch! messageboards, far too many webcomics, and now a dozen or so Crip Blogs. and I complain about not having a life. I am a really hopeless person.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Crip blogs

I've just been spending my free period reading blogs written by crips. I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that highlights how sad I am.

Monday, June 13, 2005

A real MSN Connversation

Voodoo Child says:
what does crip no mean?
Crip no. 42 says:
Crip number 42
Voodoo Child says:
what does crip mean
Crip no. 42 says:
Crip no. 42 says:
Voodoo Child says:
cripple number 42?
Crip no. 42 says:
it's ironic
Crip no. 42 says:
"I am only a number"
Voodoo Child says:
Voodoo Child says:
i dont get it
Crip no. 42 says:
according to "The System" we are all just numbers
Crip no. 42 says:
in recognising that i am being ironic and rebelling from "The System"
Voodoo Child says:
what system is this
Crip no. 42 says:
The government, MI5, the NHS
Voodoo Child says:
they think we're all numbers?
Crip no. 42 says:
your head will collapse but there's noting in it and you'll ask yourself 'where is my mind?' says:
your head will collapse but there's noting in it and you'll ask yourself 'where is my mind?' says:
can i ind out whatnumber they think i am?
Crip no. 42 says:

Why does this still happen?

I honestly thought that people had got beyond not invinting me to parties, but on Friday many of my friends went to a party to celebrate the end of exams, and no-one invited me. Even my best friend didn't take the hint after me asking about it whilst playing monopoly that afternoon. Even me saying "No-one's invited me" didn't help.

Either people really haven't got to grips with me being a crip yet, or I am a total social reject and no-one really likes me. Or they dislike me acting like a complete fool when drunk! ;)

Exams (a disability success story) [wow]

I am fairly knackered as I have just had 15 hours of exams in four days. Luckily nothing went seriously wrong. In the past, computers have crashed, or not turned up, or overclocked, or something, but this year it went fairly smoothly.

Over the last year I have been trying to increase the amount of extra time I recieve in exams to 50% as the diagrams at AS level are much harder to describe than previously, and I must say dictating A level Further Maths is soo fustrating. Thankfully the exams boards came to their senses and awarded me the time. However they did not look kindly on me using an assistant in my Physics practicle so I am set to loose ten percent of those marks (Die EDEXEL DIE!!). The director of studies at school was told by Edexel to talk to JQA and told by JQA to talk Edexel. Edexel then suggested I studied Psychology instead of physics! Interestingly, JJ Thomson, who discovered the electron, never did any experiments himself because he was so clumsy.

The downside of having extra time is that I have stupidly long examms: 4 and a half hours for Physics Chemistry and history. However I only need half that amount of time for Physics for some reason! It also meant hardly anyone was around when I finished :(.

Unfortunately for me, the two longest and most difficult exams (Chemistry and History) were timetabled for the same day; that meant unless history could be retimetabled I would have NINE hours of exams in one day. Thankfully someobody else realised how stupid that would be, so I got me way and spent about 26 hours in isolation.

Overall, apart from all the exams being bunched up in one week, everything went well, as the school showed a surprising amount of flexibility.

Glad it's over! |-)zzZZ

Hello all

Exams are over (w00t), and I have wifi on my laptop, so I have no excuse not to start blogging again. I enjoy blogging, so in theory there will be some regular posts but to be honest I can't promise anything as I lead such a stupidly busy life.

I haven't blogged for ages, and am starting again on a new site (cos it's less hassle to use blogger), so I will give a brief introduction to my life...

I am 17, have CP and am just begining studying for A2s at a mainstream secondary school. I am about to apply for university to do physics which should be fun. I will probably write about political injustices relating to disability and why being a crippled teenager tottally sucks. I am also way toO geeky which doesn't help me intergrate into society. I tend only to blog when I am either angry or deppressed, so bear that in mind when judging me. I am not quite as pitiful, lonely, crazy, hopeless, unfortunate or deppressed as I make out!

(My old blog can still be found at, but it is exceedingly bad and embarrasing. Enjoy :)! )