Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I'm Back!

I have 43 emails and two weeks worth of blogs and webcomics to catch up on. I will write about my holiday tomorrow.

Thursday, August 11, 2005


I'm going away tomorrow *sob* till the very end of August. I will miss reading everyone's blogs.

I am off to france with family and plan to spend lots of time reading, mainly physics books! I hope everyone has a fab summer.

I am sorry about the lack of posts, but summer is always a busy time. In the mean time you can read my truely horrible over long UCAS personal statement:

The sciences, physics in particular, have always interested me as I have always had a desire to find out how everything in the universe works, and why things behave the way they do. For example, why does a pendulum of a set length always swing at the same rate regardless of its mass? Physics appeals to me because physics alone can describe the laws of the universe in a simple and elegant way; and it will be physics that will hopeful solve some of humanity’s biggest problems such as finding renewable energy sources. I enjoy investigating problems experimentally as well as solving problems using theoretical and mathematical methods. I also enjoy physics because it often comes up with new and interesting challenges.

I enjoy reading about physics and have read books by prominent Physics authors and lecturers such as Gribbin, Feynman and Close; and I have attended lectures on subjects such as Relativity, Lasers and optics, and particle physics.

I find physics research a particularly dynamic and exciting area, and I keep track of what is happening by reading New Scientist regularly. I am especially interested in nuclear and particle physics, as subatomic particles are the basis of the entire universe, and I believe research into this field will eventually shed light on the Unified Field Theory. For the option module of my Physics AS exam, I have taught myself the material required for the Nuclear and Particle Physics option, as this appealed to me more than the other options on offer. I am also interested in nanotechnology and its uses in quantum computing, and the possibility of Fusion Power. I am very excited about the new fusion research facilities that are being built in Europe, as this, along with LHC at CERN in Geneva, will be a fantastic resource for European Physicists. After graduation I hope to go into research, hopefully in a theoretical field, and would enjoy working there.

I am also interested in links between science and technology and business and enterprise. I have attended a course at Begbrook Science Park on how science and enterprise is related.

Next year I will be helping out in physics classes lower down the school as part of the community service project at my school. I enjoy explaining physics to other people, and think this helps my own understanding.

I also have many extra-curricular interests. The theatre has always been a major part of my life, and I have been a member of Oxford Youth Theatre (OYT) since I was 14. I have played a role in three plays with OYT, as well as several at school, and have also spent a year in the OYT marketing group. I am a longstanding member of the OYT Member’s Committee, and have regularly contributed to the group’s termly magazine. This year I have been part of the production group, working backstage, operating lights and acting as stage manager. I particularly enjoy stage managing despite the fact it requires a great level of responsibility and organisation.

I have spent a fortnight with Pegasus Theatre on a work experience placement in their administration department. During this period I learnt more about the working environment and gained important work related skills such as time management and teamwork.

I hope continue working back stage with theatre groups whilst at university. I also enjoy going to the theatre to see plays of all types, and modern dance. I am particularly interested in physical theatre, and ways in which multimedia can be combined with drama and dance.

Another key part of my life is sailing. I have been sailing Challengers at my local reservoir for three years, and won the Best Novice award at the UK Nationals in Cardiff last year. This year I came sixth in the English National Championship. Challengers are three-hulled boats, or trimerans, designed specifically for disabled sailors of all abilities. They are fantastic to race in and the Challenger circuit is very competitive. There is currently a campaign to make the Challenger a paralympic class, hopefully in time for London 2012. My other sporting interests include Chess and Wheelchair Basketball.

For the last year I have been part of the Envision Group at my school. Envision is a charity that supports sixth formers with charity and environmentalist projects. I was part of a group that organised an acoustic rock concert for charity that was held in February. It sold out and we managed to raise over £300 pounds for Arco Iris, a Bolivian charity that gives support to street children in La Paz. We hope to repeat the event early next academic year.

It's all about painting a good picture :).

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I'm ranting cos I'm hungry

Today I told Chris Page I had nothing to be militant about. Not true. I have just bought a rather nice looking fruit bar from Holland & Barrett. Unfortunately I cannot open it.

Nor can I open much else for that matter. These days everything is shrink wrapped and has super extra security mechanisms to stoop psycho poisoning food and crips eating it. Has no one realised this is discriminatory and is preventing us from eating independantly.

If I wasn't so hungry I'd go on hunger strike. Except no one would notice. Oh what shall I do?


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I like. Although No Logo got there first.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Hair cut

I dislike going to the barbers. This because I flinch whenever scissors go anywhere near my ears. This scares the hairdresser. However, having put off cutting my hair for about three months, I finally decided that my hair was far too long, and getting a bit embarrasing. I am fed up of having curly hair.

Anyway, going to my local hairdressers (A cut above) is normally a straightfoward afair. I cycle along sidestreets, cross a busy road at the traffic lights, get some cash from the bank, and lock my bike outside A Cut Above. Easy. Except today the cash point was fecked. So I had to cycle all the way along the parade of shops to get to the other bank, on the pavement, cos i'm too chicken too cycle on busy roads. and then i had to cycle back again. By that time there was a huge queue...

Still, the hairdresser was really nice and patient and for once tottaly unphased. Wahoo!

I now have very short STRAIGHT hair. Neat

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Fruitstock: an innocent festival

Hey there! I've just got back from Fruitstock in Regents Park - a friendly music festival that's free for nice people :). Fruitstock is organised by the nice people at innocent ltd (little tasty drinks), and promotes love, smiles and healthy stuff like smoothies and yoga. The music included jazz, gospel and norwegian folk rock (yey). I was given a free flower outside the flirting tent, and I learnt about keeping chickens and rabbits in eglus. It was all very NICE.

I must appolagise for not blogging for so long, and that includes not reading anyone elses blog. Sorry sorry sorry. I have been very busy on work experience at my local Theatre doing dull admin stuff 9.30-5.30. I promise I will write about it soon. :)

Talking of music, I want to mention a few recent discoveries (and one rediscovery).

Firstly, yes I am a tad so on the uptake, but I really love Magic Numbers. Everyone, go and listen to Forever Lost on their site NOW.

Secondly, there is a small band called Lucky Jim. They are very good, and a times sound like Bob Dylan and at others like Leornard Cohen. I am sure it's deliberate.

Thirdly I wanna thank Stella for introducing me to The Lucksmiths. Awesome

Finally thanks to nic for reminding me that Gorky's Zygotic Mynci exists. seriously good music.

Anyway, I'm off to bed.