Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Hi all, Haven't posted for ages - been real busy. A few news items:


School ended with double further maths on friday. I am now finally on holiday. Except I am doing Work Experience. See below.

Harry Potter:

HP & THBP is a lot to blame for the lack of posts. I have also reread GoF and OoP this week.

Stage managing:

Last week I was SMing a platform event at pegasus theatre. Chaos. More to come.

Work Experience:

This week and next I am being office bitch at Pegasus Theatre. Must get back to work now. :)

Sunday, July 17, 2005


Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Ball Pictures

This is me and my best mate Pete. Admittadly I look awful, but I was a tad tipsy :S. I also seem to have lost my suit.

These are my other Friends:

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Summer's here... TOTALLY AWESOME

Last night I went to a party. Last night I got very drunk. Last night was possibly the best night of my life. Last night I acheived Cripple Nirvana: "I am a Crip but I don't give a fsck because people I've never met before are accepting me for who I am..." (- either that or people didn't realise I'm a spaz and though I was just very very pissed (that has happened)).

Yeah. One of my friends has links with one of the Oxford Colleges and managed to hire out a pavilion on one of the sports fields for the evening. He also knows far too many wierd and wonderful people for his own good and a fantastic number of awesome bands. So we have a hundred or so people aged 14-24 (or so) sitting on a field outside a pavilion (lit only by UV and fairy lights) getting drunk, stoned and listening to music. The style of dressed ranged from DJ's and crossdressing to punk and truelly undescribable via perfectly normal. Absolutely fantastic evening that combined all the ingrediants of perfect happiness - good music, good weather, good booze and (of course) good friends.

Today it is far to hot once again. I've just been shopping and have come home with a truely awesome Fat Face top - "Better a bad day on the water than a good day in the office" - and REM's Automatic For The People. Whilst writting this I am listening to Man on the Moon - a fantastic song.

As Fat Face says "Life is out there" so go enjoy it!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Sixth form ball

Sorry this post is so late after the event, but I was hungover on sunday, then went to York for the open day on monday. It is now tuesday and I still have a headache :)

First things first, as always I failed spectularly in pulling anyone - and that's not say I didn't try my damn hardest (after a few drinks that is). The problem is most of the girls I know are not single or not looking.

Apart from my failures at immitating Romeo, the ball was fairly cool. In the end I did wear a tie with my DJ so SCREW THE DRESSCODE! People commented that a tie is way more individualist than a bow-tie. It was great to see all my scruffy friends in smart suits and stuff, and all the girls in fantastic ball-gowns.

I started the evening using one of my stylish black straws but shortly found that the bottle was longer than my straw so gave up and just drank straight from the bottle ignoring the fact the more i drunk the more likely it was that i'd spill it everywhere. Which I did. And I got too drunk. After two beers.

Indeed I got so drunk I decided to dance to the crappy music the crappy dj was playing.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

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