Monday, August 08, 2005

Hair cut

I dislike going to the barbers. This because I flinch whenever scissors go anywhere near my ears. This scares the hairdresser. However, having put off cutting my hair for about three months, I finally decided that my hair was far too long, and getting a bit embarrasing. I am fed up of having curly hair.

Anyway, going to my local hairdressers (A cut above) is normally a straightfoward afair. I cycle along sidestreets, cross a busy road at the traffic lights, get some cash from the bank, and lock my bike outside A Cut Above. Easy. Except today the cash point was fecked. So I had to cycle all the way along the parade of shops to get to the other bank, on the pavement, cos i'm too chicken too cycle on busy roads. and then i had to cycle back again. By that time there was a huge queue...

Still, the hairdresser was really nice and patient and for once tottaly unphased. Wahoo!

I now have very short STRAIGHT hair. Neat


Blogger jfsouthpaw said...

Shame we didn't get to see a photo of that!

7:10 pm  

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