Thursday, September 01, 2005


It's been a bit hot recently so haven't got round to writing this till now. Sorry.

I have just spent two weeks in a farmhouse in France in the middle of nowhere near La Rochelle (west coast), followed by four days in Britany, near Vannes. We flew to Nantes with, for the first time since the first low-cost airlines, BA. I had totally forgotten how nice flying BA is, and even more so now with online check in. Amazingly a nice airport official let us queue jump to check in hand luggage seeing as the Young Gentleman (me) was disabled. This was very welcome seeing as the airport was extra crowded thanks to the strikes at other London airports - we were at gatewick. They were also great with my folding bike with stabilizers - even let the air out of the tires for me. Very shortly after arriving we were sitting in the first class lounge, thanks to my Dad's regular buisness flights, reading freed copies of Time and New Statesman, with free sandwiches as well! What style!

The house we were staying in was huge. Truely delightful. I spent a lot of time reading, playing monopoly with myh brother, and lazing in the hammock - bliss. We did some sightseeing - which meant car trips - which meant music of my dad's choice - Simon and Garfunkle, Cat Stevens, Leonard Cohen, Van Morrisen - fantastic. We also listened to Radio Nostalgie, which played both french and english songs from the sixties and seventies. My Dad (being french) knew the words to all the french songs!

Britany was fab - I long to return to do some sailing. I enjoyed regular lunches of gallete (savory pancake) and cider. I drank quite a lot of cider and got quite drunk at the hotel on our last night. So did my parents!

Overall the weather was good - sunny, not too hot, and I swam in the sea twice. I also taught my family to play bridge, and received my exam results. (Looks like they looked favourably on my physics practicle :)).

I think that's about it.... any questions?


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Blogger Katie said...

Hey! I am glad you're back Luke, I've missed you!

Glad your holiday was great! it sounds fab, I've been on holiday too and enjoyed it!

10:29 pm  

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